12 SUPERCHARGERS AND 24 CYLINDERS!!! The Biggest And Baddest Engine You Have Ever Seen


When is it enough? Have we reached every limit? Did we get all we can get out of the engine?

Well with what we are about to show you, it looks that we are truly getting close to the limit, and I hope you are sitting down because you are about to watch a V24-71 Detroit Diesel, aptly named Big Mike, a namesake of the guy who built it, and this monster breathes fire with the help of 12-871 superchargers!!!

Now a monstrosity like this is apparently good for about 3,000 horsepower, and to put it as mild as we can, it appears to be kinda loud.

It powers a truck named Thor, and it is a 359 Peterbilt that has an insane 40-foot custom made chassis that is strong enough to take this monster of an engine and all that power goes thru a Allison transmission.
Play the video and hear this monster roar, and just imagine it screaming down the road.

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