1967 Shelby GT500 With 427 Side Oiler V8 Is Still The Perfect Muscle Car


Many of the true purist, consider that the 1965 GT350 was the Ford Mustang, since this vehicle was the one that was the closest to a race car that Ford made those days, and this made it the best ever GT, they figured. But did it? Did it really?

How many of them were actually racing their GT’s in all honesty? Yes, we understand the appeal of a nearly real racing car for the streets, but the reality behind driving a racing car on the road is very different.

First and foremost, comfort is nearly none existent and on a day to day basis this can get, well a bit frustrating, so in the years to come, the helmsmen at Ford steered the GT a bit towards calmer waters and made sure that they get more usable for the everyday drive.

The year 1967 dawned to bring us a brand-new version of this car, called the GT-500, and to let you know immediately the 500 number did not have anything to do with the car, they simply wanted a big number.
Watch this incredibly detailed and educational video about the GT’s which will help you learn some very important parts of American muscle car history.


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