2016 Mercedes-AMG GT Review


You can see Mercedes AMG GT on the streets very often, and we decided to write full review of this beautiful car. We tested the car and we will give the answer why Mercedes AMG GT is so powerful, and does it has downsides or not. Read full article right now and find out everything you always wanted to ask, but you did not know who you going to ask about it. This model has four point zero liter motor, it is V8 biturbo and it is very powerful. It has output of four hundred and sixty two horsepower and six hundred nanometers of torque. This is more than adequate to give a full boost from zero to one hundred kilometers per hour in only four point zero seconds. It has speed of three hundred and four kilometers per hour. If you are interested in other AMG packs, you can purchase additional forty eight horsepower and fifty nanometers more and this will give you more chance to be faster than ever before.

The new V8 is combined with awesome DCT seven speed gearbox, this gearbox is enhanced variant of SLS AMG gearbox. It works perfect and you will not be confused while you drive this beast. Wheels on the back of AMG GT are set on two hundred and ninety five millimeters wide tires and it is different than any other model on the market. It has console which permits you to change and adjust everything you want, it has four settings and you can choose between comfort, sport and sport plus, and individual mode. You can also set the suspension or fumes independently.

The configuration of this car is excellent, it has cutting edge performance and accompanies all comforts you can imagine. Test was performed at German Autobahn, and there is no better place for this. This is amazing sportscar, it moves pretty fast and it is noisy and luxurious at the same time. You can change gear position rapidly and it is great for both regular streets and tracks. Its execution is exceptionally amazing. It is very stable and this is one of the best autos we drove recently. It also has negative sides, because in low seating position, you will need more boost than before. It can be very uncomfortable if you are not tall and sturdy. It has AMG Ride Control, surround sound for maximum enjoyment, Distronic Plus option for more control, exhaust system with amazing performance, and many more.

It is very obvious that it has fantastic configuration, it gives its driver considerable measure of fun and it is worth every penny. It has many competition, especially Porsche 911 and Jaguar, but if you like German cars, you can buy this model without thinking twice. Check out its specs, gallery and every single detail about this car, enjoy and have some fun. If you have something to ask, leave a comment below and we will answer you as soon as we can. Share this article with your friends and ask them if they prefer Jaguar, Mercedes or Porsche. What do you think?

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