2017 Ford GT Has 647 hp, And With A 216 mph top speed, Is the Fastest Ford EVER!


It all began in the 1960’s out of spite.
Back in those days Henry Ford was about to purchase Ferrari, so along with a huge army of lawyers headed to Maranello Italy, the birthplace of Ferrari, with an offer and a contract for Enzo to sign which would give Ford the ownership of Ferrari.

Enzo opened the agreement, and upon seeing the part where he has to give up his racing department, he just wrote “NO WAY” on that part of the agreement, and simply walked away to go get lunch.

Henry Ford II was so angry he decided to develop his own racing car and humiliate Enzo at his own game in order to teach him a lesson.

Out of the extreme amount spent the Ford GT 40 was born, and the 40 was the number of inches that the car stood from the ground up.

Many years have now passed and there is a new Ford GT, and it seems that it is amazing as the original car from the 60’s.

This car is powered by a 3.5-liter twin turbo V-6 engine which produces 647 hp, which propel the 3,053.84-pound car at an astonishing 216 mph, which puts it at the top of the fastest Fords ever made!
Check out the video for more information on it, and to finally take a peek at that interior.VIDEO ON PAGE 2 !!

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