2018 Buick Firebird & Trans Am – 2 Legends Return !!


The year was 1967 and GM released a brand-new pony car, to fight in the ring with the Ford Mustang which was selling like crazy already.

The first thing that everybody noticed was that this vehicle had the so-called Coke bottle styling which was very modern in those times and made the car very desirable by the public, but that was not the only thing that helped this car sell, this pony car started off with the inline 6 which was good for 165 horsepower and went all the way up to 326 horsepower which was something to be proud of back then.

So when the real fans heard that after 15 years GM will be bringing a Firebird back in its pallet they understandably went crazy for it, and finding out that this classic muscle car will be joint by the Trans Am, well there was nobody happier.

To find out more about these two future models play the video bellow and enjoy.


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