2019 Ford Mustang Should Get Generation Change


The mighty Mustang enjoyed a large increase in popularity over the last couple of years, due to its ‘revival’ as it is called, greeted and embraced by everyone which takes us all the way back to the 60’s when it was launched and it became the muscle car that everyone remembers and loves.

It is said that it will get exhibited at the Detroit Auto Show in early 2018, with dealerships and other arrangements rolling out later the very same year. When it comes to the price, of course it goes without saying that the Mustang will be kept competitively priced by Ford, which means the price should be somewhat similar to the Barracuda remake, ranging around $50.000 – $55.000 for the full, loaded version.

Jumping to rumors once again, we may feel free to tell that Ford will probably be looking to improve and enhance the Mustang in the direction of luxury sports rather than classical muscle, but that is just a rumor and we will see what it brings to the table. As for the motor, Ford is probably going to look for a smaller, less powerful motor to fit in the base model, quite possibly the 2.3 4-cylinder turbo with 250 BHP.  Speaking of tech, inside and out, brand new dashboard will be introduced here and the all new infotainment system and other usual additions which can be expected are Android Auto and Apple CarPlay, USB and Bluetooth.

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The video may be short, but it contains something to keep you hyped about the whole thing and also serves as a teaser, just wanting you keep coming back for more. All in all, we have a very positive feeling about 2019 Ford Mustang and as always, we expect the best out of it.

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