This $500K Pimped Up DeLorean Time Machine Is What Geeks Dreams Are Made Of!!

This-$500K-Pimped-Up-DeLorean-Time-Machine-Is-What-Geeks-Dreams Are Made Of!!

One of the most popular customs studios in the world has to be the well-known West Coast Customs that was even featured on the Discovery channel show Inside West Coast Customs, which has aired for three seasons during which they showed us the immaculate work they do in their workshop as well as the everyday struggles that they face while working on one of the coolest cars in the world.


The car that they feature here is probably at the top of the cool wall for many reasons, we will start with the most basic one, this vehicle started life as a DeLorean, but during its stay at West Cost Customs it got so many modifications that the price tag rose to the incredible $500,000.
The modifications are so insanely big that for the most part you can’t even recognize that this was ever a DeLorean, and instead of the original engine, this awesome beast now has a Corvette heart pumping enough power to at least in part justify the price tag.

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