On Its 50th Anniversary, Shelby Puts Dodge’s Hellcat Twins on Notice


The year was 1967 and Carroll Shelby’s cars were faster more powerful and had better performance than most of the other cars on the market, so you would think he had nothing to worry about and should not make any radical changes, right?



Wrong, this is Carroll Shelby we are talking about so what he did is rip out an engine from the Le Mans winning GT40 and found a way to cram the 7.0 Liter V-8 into the Ford Mustang creating the famous GT500 Super Snake.



That was 50 years ago, but many car enthusiasts remember this move like it was yesterday, and it looks like they will not let us forget it anytime soon either, because they did it again!
They have now made an anniversary edition Shelby Super Snake and this thing is shooting for the throne! The 750-horsepower monster claims a 0 to 60 time of just 3.5 second and a sub 11 quarter mile time on the stopwatch.

With the Demon coming out this year, it looks like we will have an incredibly interesting 2017, in the pony car world, and that’s always good news, so check out the video and see what the Demon needs to fear this upcoming spring.VIDEO on PAGE 2 !!


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