6 Peoples Reactions to the CRAZY 900hp 3Dx Evo


Expectation and reality are two completely different things and that universal truth can be freely applied to this video.

When it comes to expectations, six people in this video have mixed expectations and reactions about having a seat and going on a ride in mighty 900 horsepower Evo.


The video starts off with a good looking girl getting into the car and bracing herself for a wild ride. As the driver starts to accelerate, she starts showing anxiety and a certain dose of fear. When the reach the highway, she is openly scared. Next guest is a man that is filming the test ride with his phone and is blatantly thrilled and bursting with excitement, feeling the adrenaline rush.



After a while he stops filming and just plainly enjoys, calling it epic. The third guy is not so enthusiastic about the ride and just by looking at him from the start we can freely come to conclusion that he is not impressed at all and maintains his poker face throughout the entire ride, with a subtle smile at the very end.


The girl after is very nervous and a little bit scared right from the start and tries her best to hide that with her smiles and attitude, but enjoys the ride nonetheless. At last, an elderly lady takes place of the passenger and utterly enjoys the ride and has all the fun in the world. For an elderly person she is taking it rather well, but here’s the twist – after that she takes the honorable place of the driver and gets to enjoy the ride from a different seat and perspective, which she seems to enjoy even more.VIDEO on PAGE 2


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