`66 Chevelle 427 vs `69 Camaro 540

9 Camaro 540 Vs ’66 Chevelle 427

Have you ever seen Chevelle 427 from 1966 versus Camaro 540 from 1969?

If you did not watch this race, there is a chance to do it now. Video was uploaded four and a half years ago on 540 Merlin’s Youtube channel and it has more than seven hundred thousand views so far.

Almost thousand people clicked like button, and more than four hundred clicked dislike button. What do you think – what is the reason for so many dislikes? This race is amazing and we think it is very cool to see this big block vehicles in a battle like this one. Many people did not like big rims on tires, and we agree.

They look like drivers go very slow, like only ten miles per hour. What is wrong with this video? Check out and see it for yourself. No matter what, cars look awesome and most of the users who commented this video agree with this statement.

Share this video with your friends and tell us what car do you prefer – Chevelle 427 from 1966 or Camaro 540 from 1969? Muscle cars are always fun to watch. Check out this race and have a blast! It seems like two friends decided to have some fun on the road.

source youtube

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