This 6X6 RC Rotary Show Plow is Perfect For Your Driveway


The winter season is upon us, and apart from all the excitement about Christmas and New Year, in some parts of the country winter means clearing large amounts of snow from the driveway and the rest of the yard and this can sometimes be a nuisance.


Unless you are this guy, he got so tired of clearing the snow from his driveway he created an RC truck with a snow plow to do the job for him.


Now he can sit inside and “play” with it thru the window and clean the snow, well at least in theory since from what we can see in this video although this is tons of fun to do, it is not the most effective way to clear a big amount of snow.


His powerful six-wheel drive semi has a rotary snow plow in the front that is made to disperse the snow away from his driveway, if it was only twice as big that way he could really do the job in no time.


Check out this video of this somewhat useful toy which is supposed to make shoveling snow a thing of the past.VIDEO on PAGE 2 !!


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