800 hp El Camino is an awesome alternative to a regular Rat Rod


No matter what form of Rat Rod you can think of chances are somebody has already built it, hell there might be a bunch of them not just one, since the basic definition of a rat rod is being different than the others so we believe that these vehicles should and are, coming in all shapes and sizes.

However crazy your idea might sound, it will probably look good as a rat rod, and this time, it might be even a substitute for one.

This 800 horspower “Hulk Camino” is the kind of a mutation that will have you starring at it not being sure what to make of it.

Those huge wings look like this thing might take to the air and at the same time this monster which was built by ITW Hot Rods, can be called the most unique rat racer out there.

Click on the video and tell us your opinion, would you drive something like this?


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