Ample chest in a tiny bikini are the perfect way to measure ride stiffness!


In the world of cars, there are many different factors when reviewing a vehicle, and many of them are represented by numbers like, horsepower number, engine size, number of cylinders, breaking distances, acceleration times, and for some sporty models, even lap times.

But many of the real auto journalists will tell you that numbers never paint the entire picture so sometimes we need to experience the vehicles in order to get the really clear picture about it.

The feel on the road, the textures of the materials, the way the vehicle loads up on the side in the middle of the corner, the brake pedal, and many many more.

Another important factor is the ride comfort and for this feature many different methods have been used in order to make sure the ride is compliant, and the vehicle will travel over uneven pavement without rattling our brain out.

This time it appears that we have found the perfect way to measure ride stiffness and compare it between different vehicles, it might not be the most scientific presentation but is sure is the most mesmerizing, check it out.VIDEO ON PAGE 2 !

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