“Anatomy of a Motorcycle Crash” shows how looking twice can save a life


Once again, we bring you a video which is intended to promote safety on the roads, in this case, we are trying to help bikers like the one you are about to see.

A simple mistake by the driver of the car, has the biker flying in the air at 30 mph and rotating at an alarming rate of 112 rpm in the air before hitting the pavement.

The driver of the vehicle did not check for the bike so he started to make his turn a split second earlier which results in getting into the direct trajectory of the biker resulting in a terrible crash in which the biker ends up with a broken pelvis and a broken ankle, luckily no life threating injuries.

According to the doctors, the helmet saved his life, so wear the proper gear, look twice and be safe out there.VIDEO ON PAGE 2 !!

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