Angry Grandpa turns soft when he’s surprised with his dream car!


In this age the extremely popular YouTube video provider will provide you with pretty much anything you can think of in a form of a video, tutorials, shows, educational programs, music videos, and everything else you can think of.
One of the popular channels that they provide is the so called The Angry Grandpa Show, which features an elderly gentleman named Charles Marvin “Charlie” Green Jr, that apparently has had too much of everything and is just a grumpy old man yelling and screaming at everybody, going about his house breaking stuff, like TV or Play Stations, just because he cannot get them to work.
The thing is, his show got so popular that the family started making a good amount of money on YouTube, since they have almost 3 million subscribers.
So now it’s time to give back to grandpa and what do they choose?
Well they chose his dream car, a 1055 Chevrolet Bel Air, and they chose this because he had one when he was a youngster but didn’t manage to keep it since he had to give it to a family member and never see it again.
He has been telling them the story for years, and now, we get to see how his dream comes true, and we see a totally unexpected side of The Angry Grandpa, one that none of us imagined existed.
Play the video and see how this ’55 Chevy turned an Angry Grandpa into the happiest grandpa around, weeping tears of joy.

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