Amazing:Meet the Copper Caddy, Kindig-it Design Smokin’ Hot 1960 Cadillac De Ville Riddled With Copper Bullets


We have all heard of Dave Kindig and his workshop called Kindig-it Desing, and we have all seen their best work and the extremely high level of quality that they put in their built, so seeing this perfectly constructed Copper Caddy, is no surprise for us.

This vehicle was made for one Jerry Logan, a real car enthusiast whose cars (BTW he has more than 60 show cars) have repeatedly won the best in show awards wherever they appeared.

The body work on this 1960 Caddy is something legendary indeed, the details on the front grille are the kind of work that you don’t see every day and the PPG paint has accented the whole front in an extremely good manner.

The car is not all looks either, this Copper Caddy is standing on custom built front suspension that is able to hold the car in a very tamed and controlled manner, and those huge rims are hiding Willwood calipers that contain six pistons, now that’s some stopping power.

To make sure the contact with the asphalt is perfect, they one-off ECOD wheels have been fitted with Michelin Pilot Sport tires, sticking this Caddy down to the ground.

The hearth under the hood is a ZL1 V-8, able to displace 454 cubic inches and produce an even 400 horsepower number. Custom made Flowmaster exhaust is responsible with getting all that hot air coming out of the cylinders into the environment while making some sweet music.

Check out this Copper Caddy piece of art in the video bellow on PAGE 2 !!

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