B-17 And B-25 Over Arizona Will Take Your Breath Away



This is probably one of the coolest things we have seen all week, and it comes to us from the production company named Hangar 5, who specializes in creating aerial videos of some amazing aircraft.

Today “subjects” are two of the amazing World War Two aircraft that have flown many missions in order to get the Nazis to retreat and save the lives of the alliance.  These two beauties named B-25 Miss Mitchell and the B-17 Sentimental Journey have been restored to impeccable condition once the HD camera captures them in HD flying thru Arizona, we were stunned.

Most of their brothers and sisters have been lost in the world while attempting the most dangerous and sometimes even suicidal missions so to have them in the air after all that time is a true pleasure and a real historic journey, and it’s a real shame not to watch them soar to the skies, so play the video and enjoy some truly epic shots.

VIDEO on PAGE 2 !!



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