BAD A$$ Street Race – Nova -vs- Mustang

BAD A$$ Street Race - Nova -vs- Mustang

One of the most important questions of today is undoubtedly this – What makes you feel alive?

What makes your heart beat faster? What makes you tingle and quiver with excitement? What makes the adrenaline rush through your body, chills slither down your spine and fire course through your veins? If your answer is speed, then you are in for a real treat today. In this video called Bad A$$ Street Race (and rightfully so), two bad boys on wheels are getting ready to clash and prove themselves to the Gods of Speed, nitrous Chevy and nitrous Mustang.


At the very start we can see these two beasts revving their engines menacingly, showing off to the keen and enthusiastic public, with the onlookers recording the entire event and feasting their eyes on these mighty mechanical beasts with awe and thrill. They make last preparations and boast for a while, one by one, before taking their positions on the line. Just a few moments later the race commences, and the thundering roar of the engines and dust clouds fill the air. Gasps and murmur suggest us that everyone is feeling the force and rooting for their favorite competitor, either Chevy or Mustang.

The entire event is being filmed from various angles and repeated multiple times, for maximum convenience and pleasure of the viewers.VIDEO on PAGE 2

BAD-A$$ Street Race - Nova -vs- Mustang

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