Black Swan Super Yacht is Here to Fascinate Those Who Have The Eye For Style and Luxury


TimurBozca is the proud designer of the Black Swan Super Yacht, which is here to captivate the lovers of luxury and style. The state of the art interior and exterior makes it the queen of sea travel.

The Exteriors

Inspired by the design of an arrow, the yacht is sleek and elegant from the outside. It also consists of two balconies, with glass railings. These provide you with an incredible view of the sea. Most of the aspects are designed black, as suggested by the name of the boat itself.


The Interiors

A helicopter platform is situated on the deck of the yacht. Once the visitors enter the ship, they can get access to a fabulous beach club. The club also includes a pool. The designer has made a great reference to land-based architecture while designing this masterpiece.

The use of glass walls, from the upper deck to the aft, allow the visitors to enjoy the pleasant view of the beach club. The furnishings are a mix of white and earthy brown tones. The furnishings make the vessel look elegant.

The yacht has sufficient space to accommodate 12 visitors in the master suites. There are six guest suites. The center of the boat has triangular windows of different sizes. These windows allow the light to illuminate the vessel.


The Functionality

Black Swan SuperYacht will not only impress the visitors with its style, but it also has the amazing feature. The yacht has a total of 4 engines, which provide a power of 23,172 Horsepower. The maximum speed that can be reached by this boat is 28 knots. The fuel required to make this giant, 10.2 meters long, vessel work is an astonishing 183,000 liters. To make sure that all the visitors have access to fresh water there is a water tank with a capacity of 38,600 liters.

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