When Boredom Strikes Stupidity is Born -HAVEN’T LAUGHED LIKE THIS IN YEARS …



A pump truck is usually found in warehouses and other storage areas. It is used to lift and transfer pallets.

But when it is used by two men to counter boredom, and one fails to execute it properly, it becomes a source of great laughter.

So what happened here?

Apparently, two workers are spending the night in this storage room, probably on shift for their work, when suddenly boredom strikes. And so of course, they set out to look for something better to do than just stare blankly at the walls. But then again perhaps they just had nothing else to do.

Usually, workers whip out some cards and start playing a few rounds of poker or other card games and such. But these two probably didn’t have cards at hand. So they looked around, and they laid their eyes on the pump trucks lying around. Suddenly, a crazy idea popped into their heads. But it isn’t crazy if it works. Right?

One of them (or both at the same time, nobody can be sure) drags one pump truck up the ramp, puts one foot on it, and rides it down the inclined plane. Like a scooter! This man probably watched a lot of race car videos and the like (he’s a man, that’s not so surprising), so he imitates what he sees in these videos and drifts on the pump truck.

His companion also drags his own pump truck up the ramp and slides down the incline like his friend. But instead of drifting, he crashes into the surrounding equipment! The one holding the camera laughs hysterically and shows the other worker laughing as much. Fortunately, the one who crashed was not hurt fatally.

No one can be sure of what actually happened before what was shown in this clip; these are all assumptions. But luckily, the stunt and the epic fail were all caught on tape! Video on Page 2

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