Bugatti’s $3.5 Million Yacht “Niniette” Is What Dreams Are Made Of

Bugatti’s-$3.5-Million-Yacht-Niniette- Is-What-Dream- Are-Made-Of

It was a well-known “secret” that every Bugatti Veyron costed a few times more then what the actual car was sold for. So then why do it?

Why build a car that will intentionally make you lose money with every vehicle sold? Well the answer to this is a bit more complexed than just pure numbers. The car itself allowed the VAG (Volkswagen Audi Group) to be the best of the best that the car manufacturing world can throw at us, with the first production vehicle that was able to hit 253 miles per hour and later even top that off with the super sport version that reached 267.7 mph. Something truly amazing for a car.
These numbers had awoken the brand and in one year all those who had dismissed the Bugatti brand have now restored their faith in it. But now that most car enthusiasts know about the car manufacturer, Bugatti shows his side as the luxury boat builder, a side that only real enthusiasts have seen from the company.

Not too many people are aware that Ettore Bugatti, the brands father was an avid boat builder and was known to build racing boats in the ‘30s that just like his cars, followed the creed of “Art, Form, Technique”. All the compliments that people gave to his cars, were directly transferable to his nautical division since just like his cars, they were elegant and powerful.

Bugatti’s-$3.5-Million-Yacht-Niniette- Is-What-Dream- Are-Made-Of

Named the Niniette after his daughters Lidia Bugatti nickname, this exquisite vessel is a true follower of the 80-year-old motto of Ettore Bugatti; “Art, Form, Technique”, with a small addition that comes from a bit updated motto; “Form Follows Performance”. The new Yacht of the Niniette series is something that perfectly blends the old and new philosophy in order to bring us a sea going experience better than any we had before.
The new model will be available in three different sizes ranging from 42 to 88 feet, and the cheapest you can own one is from a $2.2 million. Aside from the well-known Bugatti name, the co-builder of these luxurious yachts is Palmer Johnson. If you are willing to purchase the mid-size PJ63 model that stretches to 63 feet and is available with two salons, then you will have to cough up about $3.5 million. The largest model has not been priced yet, but according to the other two, a price tag of $5 million is something to be expected.

“This very special project brings together two brands with more than 100 years of experience in high-end hand crafting in their respective fields,” stated, a Bugatti management board member Dr. Stefan Brungs: “Bugatti and Palmer Johnson share outstanding lightweight design expertise. Inspired by Bugatti’s design DNA, Palmer Johnson has created not only an incredibly elegant and beautiful yacht but also a masterpiece of craftsmanship featuring carbon fiber, titanium and precious wood. This collector’s item will thrill maritime aficionados…….

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