A Burt Reynolds 600 hp ‘Bandit’ Trans Am Is Up For Grabs


The year was 1977 and after the craze for the Star Wars movie, a second iconic movie came out, one that would establish Burt Reynolds and the awesome car he drove, the Trans Am, suddenly was launched in the world as the car the “good” bandit drove in the movie and the car that now the entire world was talking about, you are already guessing the name was Smokey and the Bandit.


If you fast forward 40 years in some areas it would seem like nothing has changed, the car is still one of the most sought after vehicles of the muscle car era and for those that truly loved the movie, there is some extremely good new.

Headed to the auction block is a truly remarkable 1978 Bandit Series Pontiac Firebird Trans Am capable of pushing about 600 horsepower out of its 505 cubic inches V8 and looks that will make you truly feel like the bandit if you ever get the chance to get in it.


Check out the video bellow in order to find out as much as you can about this amazing car, and maybe just maybe if you are lucky enough you can drive it away.VIDEO on PAGE 2 !!


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