This is CAD 22 – Custom bike from Krugger

This is CAD 22 – Custom bike

The European developers related to bikes keep on delivering some cool bikes and this is one of world’s most luxurious bike currently.

Specifically, numerous developers are taking their business to new levels with their awesome design and beautiful outlines. A significant number of manufacturers started exclusive operations and you can see one of them below. One of these manufacturers is famous Fred “Krugger” Bertrand, he is from Belgium. He entered this buildin in June 2002, and he has manufactured custom bikes which many people love.

The greater part of bikes have many fans across whole world. Fred’s shop is located in his garage, and there is an extra room where bikes have been build. CAD 22 is Fred’s latest gem. It was appeared in Paris Kustom Bike even several years ago and it was a decent contender. Plan is made by Mark Duckman, and Fred built it.  Proprietor is Gunter from Belgium. You can find out more on their official website.

Bike is designed by Mark Duckman, and time to build this bike was four months. Cylinders are made by Screamin’ Eagle, it has Andrews 580 can and Manley valves. Carburator is Mikuni, ignition is made by Dyna company. It has Pro Clutch two inch transmission and Krugger outline.

Swingarms are also made by Krugger, with Lightcon wheels, and Krugger back fender. There are no videos currently for this bike, but we hope we will see it in action soon. Check out this gallery and have some fun.

Custom bike CAD 22

This is CAD 22 – Custom bike This is CAD 22 – Custom bike This is CAD 22 – Custom bike

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