Cadillac CTS-V Supercharged 800 hp: five girls reactions


There has always been a vast difference between men and women. What men find exciting and thrilling, women might find frightening and what men consider natural, women see it as extreme.

In this video we have five different good looking girls: Jessica ‘tezza’ Camacho, Stephanie Wilson, Kimi Battease, Heather Alyse and Alece Smith, getting ready to take on the 800 horsepower mechanical beast called Cadillac CTS-V or as it is infamously called ’Cadzilla’.

They introduce themselves in the garage one by one and show their impatience to start taming the Cadillac beast with their professional driver, Joe Lewo. Their apparent shyness is overshadowed by their desire to begin the test drive. After fastening their seatbelts and checking all other security necessities, they are ready to roll.

Heather is the first one to go and seems satisfied with the ride, although she mentioned being a bit worried at first. Next comes Stephanie who is more than excited and feeling the adrenaline rush. Alece was smiling during the entire ride, which can be either an honest smile or she could be hiding her fear of uncertainty.

On the other hand, it seems that Kim had the most fun of all, as she is constantly screaming in joy and excitement. Finally, the last girl Jessica exhibited a certain and visible dose of fear and anxiety, which she tried to cover and compensate with her laughs and giggling.

At the very end, all five girls are enjoying the ride together at the back seat of the car. It is worth watching for both the ladies and the star of this video, Cadillac.Videoon page 2

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