Camaro SS from 1969 with Twin Turbo Supercharged Nitrous Monster


This is Camaro SS from 1969 with twin turbo supercharged nitrous monster, and although we do not have too many information about it, we can say it looks awesome and it is very powerful!

Camaro SS is awesome ride, it is a muscle car and if you are fan of muscle cars, you will love it. This is very cool and many people wrote us and told us they fell in love with this vehicle. It has nice red color, good front and back tires, and it has monster under its hood. You can see it in action right now, right this second, you just have to click play and feature will start rolling. Camaro SS is from 1969, and it has supercharged engine. Video was uploaded on Scottie DTV Youtube channel by Scottie, our friend, and video has more than twelve million views so far. Is this crazy or what? More than twenty five thousand people clicked like button, and three thousand people clicked dislike button. We don’t understand what people did not like it inside this video, everything is perfect according to us. If you want to share this feature with your friends, go ahead and do it!

This is great place to see ultimate rides and this Camaro is only one of them. Someone was joking that his Honda could beat this monster in a race, but no one believed him. If you want to share your opinion about this subject, you can leave your comment below. This guy has several creations and you can check it out on Scottie’s channel. It is not even important how much horsepower this vehicle has, it is evident that it is powerful, and for many muscle car fans, this is enough info about it.VIDEO  on Page 2

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