A Car Treasure Hidden From The Nazis Or Just A Regular Bar Find?


According to the original story posted about the video this has been a major find of cars which have been supposedly hidden away in a tunnel once the Nazis started invading Europe.

Back during the invasion there have been many examples of countries hiding their cultural treasure, even entire galleries from the Nazis since they knew they would be taken and maybe even never returned to their rightful owners, so stashing cars to protect them from Nazi seizure did sound plausible.

Once we did some real digging though, we started noticing that many of the cars look like they have been stripped for parts rather than destroyed by time and nature.

We even realized that some of them have been cars that are made in the 50’s and the 60’s so we say this is a fake story but with some incredible automobiles nevertheless.
A click on the video will take you back in time upon seeing some of these real historic machines.VIDEO on PAGE 2 !!

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