We are greeted with the unique situation that combines both chasing rivalry and tug-of-war as a Chevrolet Corvette, and a Ford Mustang go head to head with a rope pulling battle.

We watch the situation firsthand as they send their rear tires into a cloud of smoke, trying to outdo each other in the battle. We are surprised to see the Mustang come out on top due to its sheer weight advantage. We are left wondering whether it is safe to assume the heavier car will always win. Really?

I heard some guys reasoning that the weight and tires are big factors in the battle, and that a trick that really helps is to stay on the brake and let the other car start spinning its tires first. It won’t pull you when you are on the brake and as soon as the wheels starts spinning, there’s much less traction allowing the other car to get off the brake and get start with an advantage. By the way many guys tend to forget this is a difficult case to comprehend. The winning car did so due to its tire compound, the tire width, the normal force and lastly the mass of the Mustang. These factors affect its coefficient of friction, contact surface, and the strapping point position.

The tug-of-war was an interesting one and educative. The Mustang is heavier than the Chevrolet and this show the latter to be pulled by the Mustang after a vicious battle of the two amazing cars. Weight plays a big part in traction. The Mustang is also slightly taller than Chevrolet, which reduces the latter’s traction, while increasing the Mustang’s traction. I think you need to check the towing capacity of your car so that you know about it’s power. There you have it folks!

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