Cop catches Biker Bro


What can we say, he was requesting it for himself when all things are considered, we are certain that proprietors of those exotic bike did not value him at all!

Motorcyclists have dependably been known not nothing more than to ride in circles when they are out in the city. This biker tore past a group of intriguing autos abandoning them in a smoke screen. He is lucky because he did not lose control and to hit some of these costly autos. Fortunately, a few cops showed up and booked this fellow down!

Video was uploaded to Temi T.O. Youtube channel and it has more than one hundred and fifty thousand views so far. More than three hundred people liked this video and they clicked like, but there are around eighty people who did not like it, and we don’t know why. This biker is crazy, and he did all sorts of crazy stuff, wheelies, accelerations and burnouts. Police came here on time, it could ended much worse. Yes, we are laughing now, but those people are not finding this situation funny.

So many people took out their cell phones, but we don’t who called the police. And you must remember one thing – this is not a stunt, this is insane thing to do. If you think this is a good idea to have some fun, you are wrong.

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