Custom Built 12 Cylinder Aston Martin Motorcycle


Now what is this monstrosity that we see here? Believe it or not this is a custom-made motorcycle that is powered by (you better sit down) a 12 cylinder 450 horsepower Aston Martin engine that brings about 1,500 lbs. to the scale.
Now feel free to correct us if we are wrong but this thing has the automatic transmission from the Austin along with the reverse gear, and who could blame him about not wanting to push a 1,500 lbs. bike in reverse.
The top speed advertised on the video is 400+ km/h but honestly, we feel very sceptic about this number since the wind resistance at anything above 200 mph is something that looks unbearable on this kind of motorcycle, either way, this machine, it is something to behold and not something you see every day.
Check it out and tell us your opinion? Totally useless or something you would like to own?

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