Custom Street Quad Shredder: Too Cool to be True


Some people live to pick up the keys to their bikes and go for a really long ride where it’s just them and the road ahead.

The love for bikes may seem strange to some, but only a biker can truly begin to understand the bond shared between the biker and the bike. That’s one of the reasons why events like Crusin the Coast are so popular among bikers and motor enthusiasts alike. ScottieDTV’s Scottie was at the event where he was impressed with not just the cars but by the bikes as well. And he was most impressed by the Custom Street Quad by G. Smith Motorsports.

To the untrained eye, this bike might seem like any other bike, but you should stop there. If you stop and take a closer look at the motorcycle, you will be able to see the quads and the customized trikes. And the bike shown in the video has an LS2 V8 motor. The LS engine belongs to the GM family that was designed for the V8 engine series for the rear wheels. The greatest advantage that this engine provides is that it can be customized easily.


Bikers can tweak their mean machines according to their performance goals while setting aside some room for additional improvement in the future. Apart from that another major plus point that his bike presents are that it can be customized to save fuel as well making it environment-friendly. These facts are all the more reason this bike is just amazing.

The main selling point of this bike is the bold black and silver color combination which asserts its power. The independent rear and the rims are just two among the many awesome features that make this bike awesome. And you can tell that the V8 engines are run by listening to this machine because it is like music to the ears when you turn the keys in the ignition. That’s why it’s called the “shredder” for a very good reason.

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