Dad Drives Over Xbox to Punish Son for Lying and Stealing


In today’s video, there is a small dilemma, but before we get to it, let’s learn more about what happened, the kid stole some candy and when his father confronted him about it he straight up lied to him and to put it mildly let’s just say that did not sit well with dad at all.

So once the camera starts rolling the kids has a choice to make, will he get an ass whooping from that tantalizing belt, or will he lose his x-box in a spectacular manner, with dad running it over with what appears to be a Chevy Tahoe.

The dilemma that we see in the comments is that some say this was great parenting, because the kid needs to learn that there are consequences about lying to your dad, and some say that the dad acted foolish by destroying something that he paid for.

What’s your opinion on the matter, good parenting or wastefulness?

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