Dad Pukes all over daughter on Roller Coaster


Some find it hilarious, others find it disgusting.

The point is that it will leave no one indifferent. This seemingly innocent video has stirred various reactions among the people who have seen it.

It is a well-known fact that elder people are not as durable and agile as youngsters, which is completely normal from our biological perspective. In the very beginning of the video, there is a striking difference between the father and the daughter: while the girl is seemingly excited and eager to start the ride, her dad is extremely nervous and not so looking forward to being exposed to such volatile twists and twirls, ups and downs, which we can tell by his demeanor and facial expressions.

Several seconds into the ride and their feelings escalate – the girl is seething and bursting with thrill and adrenaline rush! On the other hand, her dad is more than frightened and, although the ride had just started, he simply can’t wait for it end. During this hellish ride, his fear and anxiety got better of him, making him feel sick which finally culminates in nothing less than – you’ve guessed it – vomiting, which was to be expected and predicted from the beginning.

His agony can be literally felt by his little daughter as some of the chunks of his unfortunate act ended up on her face, arms and clothes.

The girl, obviously disgusted, proceeds (or at least tries) to remove all the bits and pieces of her father’s lunch that he had previously eaten. Not so long after that, the infernal ride stops and her poor father cannot help himself but hurl once again.

Opinions about this video and its content are drastically different, however, you should see it for yourself and decide whether you find it funny, stupid or disturbing. Please watch video on Page 2




source: youtube

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