The Dodge Challenger SRT Hellcat vs. The Ford Shelby GT350


Ford vs. Dodge, it is one of the great debates. Both companies are pioneers of American muscle from the suburbs of Detroit. I am going to climb onto the fence and say that they both make an exceptional car. If we are really to get under the rubber of this stoic question, we need a comparison. I cannot think of two better contenders than the Shelby GT350 and the Hellcat Challenger.

When both thrashed down a straight, this is what happened.

From a standing start both of this performance machines accelerated down the track. The yellow Shelby was quicker off the mark and gained a car length, which the Hellcat Challenger could not close. This start does not line up with the numbers. The Hellcat was built for speed. It has a 770 horsepower and 650lb-ft of torque. On the other hand, the Shelby GT350 is still a good bit of muscle with a flat plane, naturally aspirated V8 that puts out 526hp and 429lb-ft of torque. What about weight, it is just as important as horsepower. The Hellcat Challenger with the 6-speed manual gears weighs 4,449lbs; this is a little heavier than the GT350, which weighs 3,760lbs. The Challenger is more burdensome but still has a better power to weight ratio, and we would expect it to smoke the GT350.

In the Sherlock Holmes, novels the detective was found of saying that once you have ruled out all possibilities, whatever remained no matter how improbable must be true. The remaining possibility is the driver, and if you listen carefully to the cars, you can hear the Challenger is not making the best of gear changes. The GT350 is handled by a better driver. It is still a high-performance vehicle, which only needs a slight nudge and a bit of human error to overcome a better power to weight ratio.

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