Dodge SRT Challenger Hellcat Reaction: The Scream Queen


Love for speed and danger has been ingrained into the heart and soul of every man, he sees it as natural and challenging.

Women, on the other hand, view it as dangerous, uncertain and scary. That is the reason why a sassy babe going by the name of Ms. Love or as she is called in this video, the Scream Queen, decides to take her chances, get that dose of adrenaline rush and goes out on a wild ride with the Dodge SRT Challenger Hellcat.

She can be first seen looking all natural, alluring, seductive, charming and almost oblivious to what is going to happen to her any minute.  Next thing you know her seatbelt is tightened and she is showing that her title of the Scream Queen is well worth it and well deserved.


She can’t help it but scream and shout during the entire ride, because this Cat can’t be tamed. On the contrary – the more she screams and shouts, the more the Cat speeds up and accelerates. It is completely normal, since she is not in control, which for her is both fun and dangerous, which is why she wanted to try out this wild ride in the Cat in the first place.


It is advised that you watch this video and see this duo by yourself – the Hellcat and the Scream Queen.VIDEO on PAGE 2


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