IF you want a really fast car you have to modify the engine heavily but one of the best “bangs for your bucks” is installing a nitrous system which will raise your power to extreme levels.


This however will increase the chances of your engine blowing up and even when installed correctly how much nitrous is to be used really requires some precision and calculations.


The two cars at this race will both have a problem with this so-called giggle gas, with one of them not even leaving the line, and honestly that one looked like it got away easy with the problems regarding the nitrous going into the engine.



The second vehicle got to launch off the line and grip for a split second before having a violent backfire which resulted in a heap of flames and a car sliding sideways to a stop in the middle of the dragstrip.


Luckily there were no injuries sustained and the damage to both vehicles looked pretty minor and hopefully they could be fixed the same day and face each other again.VIDEO on PAGE 2 !!


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