Driver makes it all the way home not knowing that he hit something


We have all seen videos of huge semi-trucks hitting cars and pushing them along the highway with the driver of the truck not even aware that there is a car underneath his windshield.

But todays case is a little bit different, since this time we are not talking about a blind spot of a huge vehicle, we are talking about a driver of a Jeep, which rear ended a 49-yearl-old motorcycle rider and fled the scene, but in a bizarre accident, he fled the scene with both vehicles, having the bike stuck in the front bumper of his SUV.

In a way this made the Jeep easy for the Police to discover, because believe it or not, there were not too many Jeeps with a motorcycle sticking out of their front bumper.

After the discovery of the vehicle, the Police charged the driver with, driving under the influence, first degree assault, possession and use of controlled substance, and leaving the scene of an accident.

To find out more, play the video bellow.


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