The Duramax Camaro: Diesel Heresy or Pure Enthusiasm?


During the last decade, in a movie made about alien robots that transform into vehicles, a 5th generation of the bellowed Camaro came out, and it became an instant hit, the media loved it, the car journalists could not stop writing how good it was, and the costumers rushed to the nearest dealership to get their model of this automotive legend.

With the success of the vehicle the modification community went crazy and it looked like everybody is selling you one thing or another in order to personalize your Camaro or make it faster, better looking or better handling.

Almost none of them however, offered a way to get better fuel millage out of the vehicle, well we say almost because now there is somebody that offers this.


They are called “One to Won” and they are custom car builders that have made something unique, they have installed a diesel burning Duramax inside the famous pony car.

To some this will be pure lunacy and they will condemn this built like pure heresy, but some will actually applaud the move and respect all the talent and work that has gone in making of this vehicle.



We will let you be the judge, but we can certainly say that the VIDEO on PAGE 2   is awesome .



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