Emergency While Driving On The Road!!!


We have all been there, you are in the middle of a long journey and all of a sudden that taco you had at the last stop is not sitting well and is telling you it wants its freedom vigorously like William Wallace wanted his freedom in the movie Braveheart.


Suddenly no gas station or a rest stop is as near as it needs to be so all you can do is sweat pray and keep driving trying not to think about what appears to be trying to be punishing you for your gluttony.

No more scenarios like this one, says one manufacturers as it introduces us to the “elegant” solution to this problem, his “Tire Toilet”. This is a product that promises that you will be able to do your number two business pretty much whenever you want on the side of the road.


Check out this product and tell us in the comment section, would you buy one?


source :  www.nocarnofun.com

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