Enjoy Seeing Vintage Car Racings



The oldest Sports Car Vintage Racing Association (SVRA) presents some of the best possible experiences for competitors and fans through a roaring little YouTube channel.

So, if you are interested in seeing some of the greatest events that took place from classic Jaguars to Porsches, you can catch up with these exclusive videos. For example, you can enjoy seeing a 2015 highlight reel in lurid slow-motion nails, to enjoy an incredible vintage racing.

You can have a very good time, by seeing amazing legendary cars from across the country, like Indianapolis Motor Speedway, as well as the Circuit of the Americas and more. For example, there is something exhilarating and amazing about seeing a racing Ferrari in action or witnessing an old GT350 Shelby blasting down a straightaway.

Vintage racing offers you aural and visual delight, which is exactly what you may actually love about race. But the only thing that is missing is the actual sound. But it’s a fantastic opportunity for you to be able to ‘salute’ those who dust off the old car in priceless races. Keep in mind also that SVRA organizes some vintage events and legendary races throughout the country, like Sonoma Raceway,

Road Americ and much more. You can find various activities, which are specially organized to offer an incredible experience to you and all the fans. Driver and crew with live entertainment allow different competitors to rekindle with old friends and at the same time to develop new ones at the end of race tracks.

In addition, the open pits races at all SVRA allow you as well as many spectators to get up close and personal with the amazing old cars, as well as drivers and crews, by providing an experience unparalleled in many other forms of motorsports.

If you haven’t been to an SVRA race, it’s like a backstage pass into auto racing history, and SVRA is bringing a taste of the action right into your living room.

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