Exclusive 2017 Chevy Chevelle release date specs and price


It’s been a long wait but is looks like it finally payed off, because we have some exclusive info about the future muscle car that everybody loved back in the day, the 2017 Chevy Chevelle, which is coming to us this year with a 90-inch wheelbase.

An SS version will be hitting the streets bringing 3260 lbs on the weight scale, which considering the fact that it will be “hiding” a V-8 under the hood, is not that heavy, in comparison with his opponents.

There is talk about a special flap for the inlet of the SS LS-6 version which supposedly will be opening if you put the hammer down and go full throttle to make sure there is enough air provided for that motor.

Tell us, would you be ready to put a down payment on this classic muscle car as soon as it hits the showrooms or would you spend your money on a different muscle car this year?

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