Experimental Military Helicopter Is Built for Some Awesome Speed


One of the biggest disadvantages of the modern helicopter is the top speed, and this has been the major “design flaw” ever since the concept has been first developed.

The Bell Boeing V-22 Osprey is a tilt rotor aircraft that is trying to make a compromise between speed and vertical liftoff capabilities, but apparently this was not the first one to be going for both speed and vertical takeoff.

We have found a video of an experimental aircraft named Piasecki X 49A or also known as the SpeedHawk which kinda looks like a Black Hawk with a flying leaf blower.

Check out what people are saying will happen if you leave helicopters and fixed winged aircraft in the same hangar overnight without locking the booze, in the video bellow, and tell us, would you be willing to take a ride in something that looks like this or would you stick to the regular proven Black Hawk?  


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