Faraday Future Says Their 1,000 Horsepower Electric Supercar ‘FFZero1’ Is More Powerful Than Tesla’s


Almost a year ago in November of 2015 everybody got excited and were talking about a new Chinese startup called Faraday Future.

The reason for the all that excitement and all the interest was their new product, a brand new designed from scratch supercar that was actually going to be powered by electricity. What’s even better was the fact that they were claiming that they will build a modular platform, something similar to a rolling chassis that would actually be able to support different vehicles, so they were claiming to be able to produce a number of different cars and even an SUV on the same basic chassis.


The Last Vegashttps://www.ces.tech/ Consumer Electronics Show was the first time that the public was able to meet the FFZer01 concept vehicle in person and admire its looks. In Vegas, this company did not show any signs I doubt or slowing down in their progress about the claimed 1000 horsepower vehicle, on the contrary their chief designer Richard Kim, claimed that all the development is going according to schedule.

Amongst the other claims, probably the most interesting one is that the vehicle will be able to reach 200mph on battery power, while at the same time we all know that even much more experienced electric vehicle manufacturers like Tesla still limit their vehicles to speeds around 130 mph. Did the FF company which reportedly has been backed up by LeTV (Chinese internet and TV provider) bite off more than they can chew?

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Well to counter that they have employed the services of Nick Sampson, the name probably does not mean too much to you but he is one of the former Tesla employees, and it is he who signs the design of their first model the FFZer01. The claims of a specially designed helmet that will supply the driver with oxygen and water might sound a bit too science fiction rather than every day driving, and besides who would want to sit in traffic wearing a helmet while moving at the rate of 3 miles per hour, no matter what that helmet supplies. The other cool feature that they mentioned is the fact that the steering wheel will be able to accommodate a smartphone that will be able to become a display for the vehicle. Once again we come to a bit of controversy since the whole industry is trying to get the driver to leave the phone, focus on the road and pay attention and yet FF is putting the phone in the center of the steering wheel right in front of the driver.

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