FAST & FURIOUS 8 TEASER & CLIPS! Have A Look At The Scenes That Will Mark The Next Chapter!


It seems like yesterday when a blonde kid entered a sandwich shop in California and got in a fight over a girl before Vin Diesel stepped out and brought peace in front of the shop.

Who would have thought that this movie would turn into such a legendary franchise and live to see an 8th edition of car chases and action packed scenes.

The producers have been really stingy with details about what the plot will be in the next movie and the more we ask about it the more they keep quiet about it.
Finally, there is a trailer that will at least give us a glimpse inside the scenes and we can at least see some action and find out what are the newest meanest machines that will be driven by the crew on the silver screen.

It appears we will not be disappointed, since there are plenty of fast cars to go around and there is no shortage of explosions bad guys and firepower.

Check out the video and see what the crew is up to this time.

At last, don’t miss the parts where Hania Riley Sinclair joins the set. The daughter of Vin Diesel will guide you backstage together with her father and The Rock who seems most excited about this chapter!

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