Ferocious Harley Davidson burnout!


When it comes to automotive world one of the most exciting practice is performing burnouts – in other words ruining the tires. Never mind, the process of spinning the rear wheels of a stationary vehicle, heating up the tires up to the level where the friction produces big amount of smoke –is a very compelling experience for many.

However the burnout is a technique that when it is done with a classy vehicle it can become loud and wild performance. There are all kinds of burnouts that can be seen nowadays and there is no doubt any kind of burning rubber is fun, but imagines how cool does a Harley Davidson burnout looks. A motorcycle burnout is an extreme and loud show that takes a lot of skills and a modified motorcycle. This type of show isn’t that common today and that what makes it even more thrilling.

This is a video of three custom – made Harley Davidson bikes that are performing a hell of a burnout. The two V-Rods and a Sportser together are making a show on the streets while burning the rubber. There is not really a fire to be seen, but the smoke they are producing is more than enough to make an insane performance. To make the burnout even cooler you can enjoy in the supreme roar of the bikes while doing their thing.

Enjoy the video!

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