Flying Semi Makes For An Amazing, MUST WATCH THE VIDEO!


In the years that have passed the only flying semi we have seen has been Optimus Prime, and the fact that he is a Autobot that lives only on the silver screen pretty much tells us that a huge heavy semi-truck is not something that flies and tends to stay earthbound due to gravity.


So far we have seen them slam into emergency runaway truck gravel pits that make sure they are able to stop in case their brakes fail and keep everybody else in traffic safe.

Today’s video however is something else, filmed by a colleague of his, we are able to see a semi take to the air without being an alien Autobot, this gravity defying vehicle, was carrying so much speed that upon hitting the intersection it jumped over the highway in a spectacular manner.


Play the video and remember nobody was hurt during this incident but there was some destruction caused on that flying rig.VIDEO on PAGE !!

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