A girl on a Harley – Davidson Sportster Iron 883 crashes at the South 405 highway

This is a video of one unlucky bike accident.

It is footage of the busy South 405 highway right in the moment when a white Ford Fusion crosses the double yellow, even though it is well known that it is forbidden, and it hits a girl that rides Harley – Davidson Sportster Iron 883. From the hit the girl with her bike bumped into another car in front of her.

Fortunately the girl that rides the Sportster has only minor injury – a hairline crack. And we’ve got this video thanks to the guy that “has it all on camera” – which is most certainly not the thing you want to hear right after you’ve had an awful crash. At least he helped the girl. Take a look at the video, see what really that happened here and tell us whose fault you think this accident is.


A-girl-on-a-Harley – Davidson-Sportster-Iron-883-crashes-at-the-South-405-highway

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