Go Ahead, Watch These Crashes Without Shacking Your Head, We Dare You!!


As soon as the Russian insurance companies started helping settling insurance disputes with the help of the dashcams, an real dashcam mania occurred in Eastern Europe.

Combined with the plummeting price of the cheap Chinese dashcams, this only meant that more and more people will be able to provide hours upon hours of footage of their driving.

The side effect of this was an incredible array of crash videos that started appearing, since there was barely a vehicle in this part of the road not equipped with a dashcam, so the worst driving moments all of a sudden became one of the most watched videos on YouTube.

Once again we bring you a compilation of this kind, and apart from entertainment this compilation will hopefully get you to be a more careful and a more attentive driver, since as you are about to see, bad drivers doing stupid moves will crash into good drivers, so be careful out there, and enjoy the video.


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