Great Way To Prank Your Daughter, Tell Her To Get “blinker fluid” and a “bucket of steam” from the store, and their reaction is perfect


Playing prank on your kids is a must, we think, since a real parent devotes all of his time effort and love towards their kids and this is why you are entitled to get some fun out of it at times.

This guy decided to send both of his daughters to the store for an errant, a simple one, he told them that he needs some blinker fluid for the truck and they should go get it for him, since you know, dad is tired he has been working all day an all that.

In a way, we feel bad that dad couldn’t record the girls asking for blinker fluid at the counter, but either way their reaction is still funny and cool as they come out of the store embarrassed but still in high spirits and laughing at their dads prank.


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