What binds all men and boys from all around the world is the spirit of competition as well as love for speed and that is a good and natural thing.


At the very beginning of this video there is a guy showing off his motorbike skills to the excited crowd at the festival. There are hundreds, if not thousands, of motorbikes conveniently parked and exhibited at the festival and everything seems quiet and peaceful, despite it being a motorcycle exhibit.

Next moment it switches to the point of view angle, the guy on the bike that is recording the video talks about his plan for the day, then turns to the tanning club. He then stands outside the vertical solarium, which seems quite strange and surprises him. After that, he is back outside again, putting on his gloves and ready to start cruising around the city.

He is pushing his machine baby to the limit, revving her up to the max and enjoying the sounds of her mighty engine.


While waiting at the traffic lights, which happens multiple times, he inspects his surroundings, scanning people on the pavement and parks, cars and fellow bikers. Suddenly during one of his red light stops he realizes he has stumbled up one of his fans, Matthew, and they both are pleasantly surprised. They have a little chat, exchange a few words, shake hands and part their ways.


After more casual and relaxing cruising a curious GTR appears, which seems to be more than heated for a race. He follows him for a while and when they reach the highway, they start racing.VIDEO on page 2



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