High speed Wheelie goes wrong The Entire Left Side Of His Body gets a road rash!


No matter how many times you warn them there will still be a number of bikers that are riding without proper gear, and not just ride, they will try and pull stunts while not wearing what they should be wearing.

In this case, the guy managed to safe about $300 on a jacket and instead of spending money on a jacket that would have been destroyed, he destroyed the entire left side of his body.

It all starts fun with a highs speed wheelie that seems to be going well but gravity intervenes and he leans too far back so now he has to jump of his bike in order to make sure the bike does not land on him.

After the jump, well you already know, that T-shirt no matter how cool it is not about to save his skin from the rough surface of the asphalt so he ends up leaving half of his skin on the road.

Check out the vide and remember, the protective gear is called protective for a very simple reason.


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